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How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding

Le 30 décembre 2016, 07:04 dans Humeurs 0

The bridesmaid is one of the most important figures of all marriage ceremonies and the second woman, after the bride, to be in the limelight. For these reasons, it is essential that the bridesmaid looks beautiful and shines above other guests. We know that choosing the bridesmaid dress is a complicated task for which we have to consider a number of things, so if you have been chosen to exercise this role look at the tips and discover how to dress if you are bridesmaid at a wedding.


A bridesmaid should wear a distinguished and elegant dress that makes her stand out from all the guests but, of course, avoiding outshining the bride who is the star of the day. That is why we suggest you do not buy the dress until the bride has chosen hers; this way it will be easier to know what the most appropriate style for the occasion will be and help you decide on a more or less elaborate dress.


Just like the other guests, the bridesmaid should never wear a white dress as this colour is used exclusively by the bride. Also avoid, as far as possible, too light shades like beige, ivory or cream. The only exception where the bridesmaid can wear a white dress is at the express request of the couple, either because they have organized a themed wedding or a ceremony on the beach. Suggest: short bridesmaid dresses , convertible bridesmaid dresses





To choose the colour of your dress take into account whether the wedding is during the day or night. Pastel shades of any colour like green, salmon, pink or blue are very appropriate and flattering to dazzle at a morning wedding. For the night we emphasize other colours like grey, silver, dark blue, lilac or purple. Choose the one that most favours the colour of your skin and that makes you feel really beautiful. While black is a colour that represents maximum elegance it is a fashion mistake for a day wedding and a boring safe zone for evening and night weddings. Our advice is to boycott the black dresses. If you are going to it wear it anyway try to combine it with accessories in other colours to achieve a more cheerful look..
According to protocol the bridesmaid's dress can be knee length (or sitting just below the knee) or tea length cocktail dress if it is a day wedding and a long dress or suit for the night. In more formal and sophisticated events the bridesmaid should wear an extra long gown so to live up to the occasion.



The key is to combine sophistication with discretion and choose those models of dresses or suits that best fit your figure. The bridesmaid is not required to wear the traditional long wedding dress; if this is not your style opt for a two-piece suit with jacket and skirt. There are very elegant models that will make you look splendid and be the perfect bridesmaid.
Another element that a bridesmaid can use to complement their dress choice is a nice headdress. The best rule for choosing this is to adapt to the bride's dress style so to avoid hogging attention or clashing. If you're going to wear one choose a pamela hat for events during the day and a discreet headdress that matches your dress for an evening wedding. You can choose from 2017 new arrival dresses to find the dress for yourself.



What to Wear for Company Christmas Party?

Le 15 décembre 2016, 08:53 dans Humeurs 0

On Christmas day, you need to dress differently from usual style and look. Some evening prom dresses are specially prepared for Christmas day. However, the outfits should vary from formal church, black-tie parties to casual dinner, dating and also the company party. If it is an office Christmas party, you need to know the party theme in advance. Suggest you little black dresses, 2017 new arrival dresses, long evening dresses with 3/4 sleeves

Depending on the atmosphere of your office, you may want to dress more formal or more casual for your company Christmas party. If there's a dress code, make sure you stick to it. Men should consider black slacks instead of jeans for an office party, as they are a bit dressier and go with anything. Women can wear slacks and a nice blouse, or a pretty -- yet still conservative -- dress. Don't show too much skin; dresses with open backs are probably not appropriate. You could wear classic black closed-toe pumps or you can go more wild with the color than you normally would at the office.

Colors and sparkles are appropriate when it comes to Christmas party attire. Use accessories to add glitzy details to your look. Wear classic silver, gold or pearls for a more traditional look, or find a chunky bracelet or statement necklace in ruby red, green or amethyst for a bolder appearance. Bring a purse or clutch embellished with beads, sparkles or sequins. Men can throw in some holiday flare by accessorizing with cuff links that are silver, gold or a dark green, red or jewel color.

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Why to Choose Sheer Illusion Wedding & Prom Dresses?

Le 21 novembre 2016, 07:20 dans Humeurs 0

Sheer illusion is a classic feature for current formal gowns, wedding dresses, not just for bridal veils. When you browse new collections of wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses and also the mother of the bride dresses, you will find that many of them are designed with illusion sleeves or an illusion extension of the bodice to the neckline. In some styles, the illusion is undecorated; in others, the illusion is a background for lace, sequins, beads, appliques, or other embellishment.

Illusion necklines are already the hot styles welcomed by trendsetters and designers. After years of strapless gowns(still popular styles), fashion designers are offering more coverage for women in the forms of all types of high collars, and illusion necklines. Illusion necklines are sheer, not adding any bulky fabric to obscure the neckline, so a dress with an illusion neckline will most likely be a good choice for the petite bride as long as the gown's overall style is also flattering. When the illusion neckline has a solid band or collar forming a horizontal line across the throat, it is really a good idea to avoid choker-style necklines. Also, this type of neckline tends to make a short woman look even shorter.

The illusion extends to the sleeves too, aiming to show much elegance and personality. The look is sheer, demure and sweetly sexy at the same time. With a dress featuring illusion sleeves or illusion at the top of the bodice, a woman can look somewhat bare, yet be covered at the same time. All in all, the illusion trend hits the fashion mark for the petite girl because illusion adds no bulk. Avoiding bulky fabric and styling can make petite women look slimmer and taller.

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