Do you want a life-enhancing prom night? If so, you should know what to dress and which type can make you stunning. Since everyone is made of different shapes and sizes, you must be what works and doesn’t work for your specific body type in order to look great for prom. Below is a list of pear and hourglass body types and what dresses will look great on them! With it, you will find your flawless prom gown in no time!

If you are bit bottom-heavy with wide hips and narrow shoulders, then you fit into the pear-shaped figure category. Normally, you’ll have a petite upper body that is characterized by a slender neck, narrow shoulders and a fuller lower body with generous hips and thighs. To look great for prom, you will want to find a dress that plays up your slender upper body while minimizing the hip and thigh area. Prom dresses with halter-necks and a-line skirts would be best for you! The halter neck enhances your shoulders and draws the attention upward towards your pretty face while the a-line skirt skims over the hips, concealing curves around the lower body. If  you are a pear-shaped girl and want to showcase your those beautiful curves, you are highly recommended the A-line dresses with halter or one shoulder types.

You need to remember that every dress that highlight your shoulder and upper part can be selected by you. So, you really need a huge selection shop.

This body type is all about those fabulous curves! As an hourglass body type, you have a beautiful waist and bust that is larger than your hips. Your perfectly rounded shoulders align nicely with your hips and your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs. You will definitely want to find a gown that draws attention to those amazing curves. Don’t go for high neckline gowns, instead we suggest choosing a long dress with either v-neck or strapless necklines. Mermaid style gowns with an open neckline would be the perfect fit for you because they’ll enhance your every curve, making you look fabulous!

Girls, if you are in pear or hourglass shape figure, don't worry about the dress type to choose. You are told to choose accordingly based on the common requirement. To meet your requirement, eDresit will provide you with a huge selections of fashion dresses and considerate service. If you have no idea which one is more suitable, you can ask its sale person. They will give you the right suggestions and then you make the decision.

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